• MOS FET Relay

    More information about the features, line-up of MOS FET Realy.

  • OMRON's DC Power Relay

    An introduction into our new DC power relays with high breaking capacity, basic structure and line-up.



  • Features of XF2M FPC Connectors

    Gain a basic knowledge of switches starting from the beginning.



  • Features of XF2M FPC Connectors

    More information about the features, line-up and applications of Flat Cable connectors.


Micro Sensing Devices

  • Photomicro Sensors Selection

    You can easily choose from a wide range of sensors depending on theintended use.


  • Light convergent reflective sensor

    High performance and precision sensor for existence of the object of limited range.


MEMS Sensors / Foundry


    Details of OMRON's MEMS products, technologies and applications.


  • flowsensor

    Accurately sensing even a slight flow of gas.


Key Technology / Application Guide

  • Key Technology

    Key technologies behind OMRON's manufacturing stemming from its craftsman spirit.


  • Application Guide

    A guide to applications using OMRON products and technologies.