FPC/FFC Connector

FPC/FFC Connector


Connector intended to connect FPCs (flexible printed circuits) and PCBs (printed circuit boards).
A method of connecting FPCs directly by inserting them into the connector. Connection with FFC (flexible flat cable) is also possible.


Features of Rotary Backlock Mechanism

  • 1.Rotary latch is independent of the FPC socket. The Rotary latch will not release if the FPC is lifted.
  • 2.Dual contact. There is no need to distinguish between the upper and lower FPC connection.
  • 3.Four-sided housing. Construction prevents FPC displacement.
  • 4.Delivered with the rotary latch open.Less work required for FPC Mounting.
    Tradition Rotary Connector
    1:Mount the connector.2:Release the rotary latch.3:Insert the FPC.4:Lock the rotary latch.
    XF2 / 3 Series
    1:Mount the connector.2:Insert the FPC.3:Lock the rotary latch.

Improved insertion into FPC/FFC cable connectors with sure lock feeling to confirm proper connection.

Improved FPC/FFC Insertion and Lock Feeling

The insertion
is easy to see.


It’s easy to tell
when the lock is

Small Reels Are Available with Only 100 Connectors to Fit Small-scale Applications

100 pcs per reel

*Applicable Connectors:XF2M、XF3M、XF3M(1)

FPC/FFC Connectors

Classification Model Appearance Contact pitch Type
FPC/FFC Connectors XF3M XF3M image

For FPC/FFC Available in 100pcs per reel

0.5mm Side-entry Dual Contact Au flash
Dual Contact Sn
Upper Contact Au flash
1.0mm Dual Contact Au flash
Dual Contact Sn

For FPC/FFC Available in 100pcs per reel

0.5mm Side-entry

*Available in 100pcs per reel

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