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G3VM-61QR MOS FET Relays

World's smallest class* New S-VSON Package with Low Output Capacitance and Low ON Resistance

  • Load voltage 60V.
  • Low C × R = 13.2 pF·Ω, COFF (standard) = 12 pF, RON (standard) = 1.1 Ω
  • High Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to +110°C

  • * As of June 2017 Survey by OMRON.
Package typeContact formTerminalsLoad voltage
(peak value) *
Continuous load current
(peak value) *
Packing/Tape cutPacking/Tape & reel
ModelMinimum package quantityModelMinimum package quantity
S-VSON41a (SPST-NO)Surface-mounting Terminals60 V400 mAG3VM-61QR1 pc.G3VM-61QR (TR05)500 pcs.
* The AC peak and DC value are given for the load voltage and continuous load current.
Note:When ordering tape packing, add "(TR05)" (500pcs/reel) to the model number.
Ask your OMRON representative for orders under 500 pcs. We can supply products with the tape already cut.
Tape-cut VSONs are packaged without humidity resistance. Use manual soldering to mount them.
Refer to common precautions.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
ItemSymbolRatingUnitMeasurement Conditions
InputLED forward currentIF30mA
LED forward current reduction rate△IF/℃-0.3mA/ºCTa≥25ºC
LED reverse voltageVR6V
Connection temperatureTJ125ºC
OutputLoad voltage (AC peak/DC)VOFF60V
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC)IO400mA
ON current reduction rate△IO/℃−4mA/ºCTa≥25ºC
Pulse ON currentIop1.2At=100ms, Duty=1/10
Connection temperatureTJ125ºC
Dielectric strength between I/O (See note 1.)VI-O500VrmsAC for 1 min
Ambient operating temperatureTa-40 to +110ºC
Ambient storage temperatureTstg-40 to +125ºCWith no icing or condensation
Soldering temperature260ºC10 s
Note:1.The dielectric strength between the input and output was checked by applying voltage between all pins as a group on the LED side and all pins as a group on the light-receiving side.

Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC)
ItemSymbolMinimumTypicalMaximumUnitMeasurement conditions
InputLED forward voltageVF1.11.211.4VIF=10mA
Reverse currentIR------10µAVR=5V
Capacity between terminalsCT---30---pFV=0,f=1MHz
Trigger LED forward currentIFT------3mAIO=100mA
Release LED forward currentIFC0.1------mAIOFF=10μA
OutputMaximum resistance with output ONRON---1.11.5ΩIO=400mA, IF=5mA, t<1s
Current leakage when the relay is openILEAK------1000
Capacity between terminalsCOFF---1220pFV=0,f=100MHz,
Capacity between I/O terminalsCI-O---0.9---pFf=1MHz,Vs=0V
Insulation resistance between I/O terminalsRI-O---108---VI-O=500VDC,
Turn-ON timetON------0.5
(See note 2.)
Turn-OFF timetOFF------0.3
Note: 2. Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Times
S-VSON (Super-Very Smal Outline Non-leaded)
S-VSON4 pin
* Actual model name marking for each model
Note 1. The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.
Note 2. “G3VM” does not appear in the model number on the Relay.

Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Surface-mounting Terminals
Weight: 0.01g
Note: The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.

Actual Mounting Pad Dimensions
(Recommended Value, Top View)

Unless otherwise specified, the dimensional tolerance is ± 0.1 mm.
Terminal Arrangement/Internal Connections