Product Details Portlet

EE-SX3157-P1/EE-SX4157E-P1 Photo IC Output Photomicrosensor (Transmissive)

  • Through-beam Photomicrosensors with 5-mm slot.
  • High resolution (aperture width: 0.5 mm).
  • Light-ON operation with open-collector output. (EE-SX4157E-P1)
  • Dark-ON operation with open-collector output. (EE-SX3157-P1)
  • Screw mounting and connector connection (compatible with ZHR-3 from J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd.).
  • Connector lock mechanism.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
Item Symbol Rated value
Power supply voltage VCC 13.2 VDC
Output voltage VOUT 13.2 V
Output current IOUT 16 mA
Permissible output dissipation POUT 250 mW
(see note)
Ambient temperature Operating Topr -20ºC to 85ºC
Storage Tstg -30ºC to 85ºC
Soldering temperature Tstg -
Note: Refer to the temperature rating chart if the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC, VCC = 12 V ±10%)
Item Symbol Value Condition
Current consumption ICC 25 mA max. With and without incident
Low-level output voltage VOL 0.3 V max. IOUT = 16 mA
without incident (EE-SX3157-P1)
with incident (EE-SX4157E-P1)
High-level output voltage VOH (VCC x 0.9) V min. VOUT = VCC RL = 47 kΩ
with incident (EE-SX3157-P1)
without incident (EE-SX4157E-P1)
Response frequency f  3 kHz min. VOUT = VCC, RL = 47 kΩ (see note)
Note : The value of the response frequency is measured by rotating the disk as shown below.
Note: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

Terminal No. Name
1 Power supply
2 Output (OUT)
3 Ground (GND)
Recommended Mating Connectors: JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) ZHR-3

Unless otherwise specified, the tolerances are as shown below.
Dimensions Tolerance
3 mm max. ± 0.200
3 < mm ≤ 6 ± 0.240
6 < mm ≤ 10 ± 0.290
10 < mm ≤ 18 ± 0.350
18 < mm ≤ 30 ± 0.420
Note: The value of the response frequency is measured by rotating the disk as shown below.