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G8N Micro-mini PCB relay for automobile use

High-density design (smallest class in the industry) Half-size in comparison with the existing type (Omron G8QN)

  • Super-slim width (7.2mm). Good for parts layout.
  • Even at a small size, high-wattage switching is possible due to the contacts and heat-release design. 100,000 times at 14VDC/25A (motor lock).

Please confirm Omron Safety Precautions for all automotive relays first.
Omron can not guarantee automotive relays before finish making a contract with product specifications.


StandardLow operating voltageHigh heat resistanceHigh heat resistance
and Low
operating voltage
Super low operating
For flasher lamp
CoilRated coil voltage12 VDC
Coil resistance
(at 20°C)
Service voltage range10 to 16 VDC
Operating voltage
(at 20°C)
7.2 V or less6.5 V or less7.2 V or less6.5 V or less5.5 V or less7.2 V or less
Release voltage
(at 20°C)
1.0 V or more0.8 V or more
Max value of rated coil voltage (5A)14 VDC (continuous)
16 VDC at 15 min
12 VDC (continuous)
16 VDC at 15 min
16 VDC (continuous)14 VDC (continuous)
16 VDC at 15 min
16 VDC at 3 min16 VDC (a fleeting moment)
85 times/min
ContactContact configuration1c (SPDT)
Contact materialAgSn type (non-cadmium)PdRu alloy
Rated load14 VDC 25 A Motor load54 W lamp
85 times/min
(No. 3 terminal+)
Max switching current30 A
Mechanical1,000,000 times10,000,000 times
Electrical (Rated load)100,000 times2000 hrs
MechanicalImpact resistanceMalfunction100 m/s2
Destruction1,000 m/s2
Vibration resistanceMalfunction10~55 Hz, Peak to peak: 1.5 mm
Destruction10~55 Hz, Peak to peak: 1.5 mm
Ambient temperature range—40~+85°C—40~+105°C—40~+85°C
WeightAbout 4.0 g