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G8NW Micro-mini dual PCB relay for automobile use (2 independent circuits)

High-density design (smallest class in the industry) Half-size in comparison with the existing type (Omron G8QW)

  • 2 single, independent relays in 1 case.
  • Optimum for reverse motor control for a window motor, wiper motor, etc.

Please confirm Omron Safety Precautions for all automotive relays first.
Omron can not guarantee automotive relays before finish making a contract with product specifications.


StandardLow operating voltageHigh heat resistanceHigh heat resistance
and Low
operating voltage
Super low operating
For flasher lamp
CoilRated coil voltage12 VDC
Coil resistance
(at 20°C)
Service voltage range10 to 16 VDC
Operating voltage
(at 20°C)
7.2 V or less6.5 V or less7.2 V or less6.5 V or less5.5 V or less7.2 V or less
Release voltage
(at 20°C)
1.0 V or more0.8 V or more
Max value of rated coil voltage (5A)14 VDC (continuous)
16 VDC at 15 min
12 VDC (continuous)
16 VDC at 5 min
16 VDC (continuous)14 VDC
16 VDC at 15 min
16 VDC at 3 min16 VDC (a fleeting moment)
85 times/min
ContactContact configuration1c × 2 (SPDT × 2)
Contact materialAgSn type (non-cadmium)PdRu alloy
Rated load14 VDC 25 A Motor load54 W lamp
85 times/min
(No. 3 terminal+)
Max switching current30 A
Mechanical1,000,000 times10,000,000 times
Electrical (Rated load)100,000 times2000 hrs
MechanicalImpact resistanceMalfunction100 m/s2
Destruction1,000 m/s2
Vibration resistanceMalfunction10~55 Hz, Peak to peak: 1.5 mm
Destruction10~55 Hz, Peak to peak: 1.5 mm
Ambient temperature range—40~+85°C—40~+105°C—40~+85°C
WeightAbout 8.0 g