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G3VM-21UV11 MOS FET Relays

Very Small Outline Non-Leaded Package with Voltage Driving Type; VSON(R)
MOS FET relay with current limiting internal resistor on the input side

  • Operating input forward voltage: Recommendation 5V (Typical)
  • Load voltage: 20 V
    Continuous load current of 1 A max.
    Low C × R = 7.2 pF·Ω, COFF (Typical) = 40 pF, RON (Typical) = 0.18 Ω
  • High Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to +110°C
PackageContact formTerminalsLoad voltage
(peak value)*
Continuous load current
(peak value)*
Tape cut packagingTape packaging
ModelMinimum package quantityModelMinimum package quantity
Surface-mounting Terminals20V1,000mAG3VM-21UV111 pc.G3VM-21UV11(TR05)500 pcs.

Note: To order tape packaging for Relays with surface-mounting terminals, add "(TR05)" to the end of the model number.
Tape-cut VSON(R)s are packaged without humidity resistance. Use manual soldering to mount them.
Refer to common precautions.
* The AC peak and DC value are given for the load voltage and continuous load current.
Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃)
ItemSymbolRatingUnitMeasurement conditions
InputInput forward voltageVIN6V
Input reverse voltageVRIN5V
Connection temperatureTJ125
OutputLoad voltage (AC peak/DC)VOFF20V
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC)IO1,000mA
ON current reduction rate△IO/℃-10mA/℃Ta≧25℃
Pulse ON currentIop3,000mAt=100ms、Duty=1/10
Connection temperatureTJ125
Dielectric strength between I/O*VI-O500VrmsAC for 1 min
Ambient operating temperatureTa−40〜+110With no icing or condensation
Ambient storage temperatureTstg−40~+125
Soldering temperature26010s
* The dielectric strength between the input and output was checked by applying voltage between all pins on the LED side and all pins on the light- receiving side.

Electrical Characteristics(Ta=25℃)
ItemSymbolMinimumTypicalMaximumUnitMeasurement Conditions
InputReverse currentIR10μAVR=5V
Capacity between terminalsCT30pFV=0、f=1MHz
Input forward currentIF6.3mAVIN=5V
Operate voltageVFON1.83VIo=100mA
Release voltageVFOFF0.81.8VIOFF=10μA
OutputMaximum resistance with output ONRON0.180.22ΩVIN=5V、t<1s、Io=Continuous load current ratings
Current leakage when the relay is openILEAK1nAVOFF=Load voltage ratings
Capacity between terminalsCoff40pFV=0、f=100MHz、t<1s
Capacity between I/O terminalsCI-O1pFf=1MHz、VS=0V
Insulation resistance between I/O terminalsRI-O108VI-O=500VDC、ROH≦60%
Turn-ON timetON2msVIN=5V、RL=200Ω、
V DD=10V
Turn-OFF timetOFF1ms
* Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Times



VSON(R) (Very Small Outline Non-leaded with Resistance)

VSON(R) 4-pin

Note: 1. The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.
Note: 2. "G3VM" does not appear in the model number on the Relay.

*Actual model name marking for each model


Surface-mounting Terminals
Weight: 0.01 g

Note: The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.

Actual Mounting Pad Dimensions(Recommended Value, Top View)

Unless otherwise specified, the dimensional tolerance is ± 0.1 mm.

Terminal Arrangement/Internal Connections(Top View)