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EE-SPY415 Photomicrosensor (Reflective)

Screw mounting, Reflective Photomicrosensor with a connector (Detectable sensing distance of 3 to 19 mm: white paper)

  • Photo IC circuitry greatly improves response time
  • Pulse modulation effectively reduces external light interference
  • Convergent technology
RoHS Compliant
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AppearanceSensing methodConnecting methodSensing distanceOutput typeModelMinimum packing unit
(Unit: pcs)
ReflectiveConnector11±8mmPhoto ICEE-SPY4151
Note: Order in multiples of minimum packing unit.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
ItemSymbolRated valueUnitRemarks
Supply voltageVcc7VDC---
Output voltageVOUT16VOutput transistor voltage
(Between Collector and Emitter)
Output currentIOUT30mAOutput transistor collector current
Output power dissipation *1POUT250mWOutput transistor collector power dissipation
Operating temperature*2Topr−10 to 60---
Storage temperatureTstg−40 to 85---
Note:1.Output power dissipation (POUT) must be derated in accordance with Figure 1 in the Engineering Data Section.

2.To be used in applications where no freezing or condensation occurs.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC)
Consumption currentICC------25mAWith/without object
Low level output voltageVOL---0.40.4VIOUT=20mA with object
High level output voltageVOH(VCC by 0.9)------VVOUT=VCC、RL=1KΩ Without object
Response delay time*tPLH,tPHL------1msVOUT=VCC、RL=1KΩ
*Response delay time is defined as below.

Exterior Specifications
Connecting methodWeight (g)Material

Detectable distance *11±2mm(Black paper and OHP paper) 11±8mm(White paper)
Non-detectable distance*20mm (Black sponge) 45mm (White paper)
Usable ambient illumination3,000 Lx max. at Receiver surface (incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp)
VibrationMechanical durability10 to 150 Hz, Peak acceleration 10 G (100 m/s) 1.5 mm double amplitude for 2 hours each in X, Y, Z directions
ShockMechanical durability300 m/s2 (approximately 30 G) in X, Y, Z directions, respectively 3 times
Resistance to noise (normal mode)Faulty operation200 Vp, pulse width: 1 μs
Break350 Vp, pulse width: 1 μs
Resistance to noise (common mode)Faulty operation250 Vp, pulse width: 1 μs
Break500 Vp, pulse width: 1 μs
Terminal strengthTensile strength2 kgf (20 N), for 5 seconds
Flexure strength1 kgf (10 N), 1 time, for 5 seconds
*If a background object is present, the object should be located at the specified non-detectable distance or further from the receiver surface.
White paper: reflection factor of 90%
Black paper: reflection factor of 16%

(Unit: mm)


Precautions for Correct Use

  • Do not use the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings.
  • Dispose of this product as industrial waste.