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EE-SY193 Photomicrosensor (Reflective)

Ultra-compact SMD Type with a detectable sensing distance of 1 mm

  • PCB surface mounting type.
AppearanceSensing methodConnecting methodSensing distanceOutput typeModelMinimum packing unit
(Unit: pcs)
* Types with 100 pcs/box re available. The model name for ordering is EE-SY193-1.
Note: Order in multiples of minimum packing unit.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
ItemSymbolRated valueUnit
EmitterForward currentIF25*1mA
Pulse forward currentIFP100*2mA
Reverse voltageVR6V
DetectorCollector-Emitter voltageVCEO18V
Emitter-Collector voltageVECO4V
Collector currentIC20mA
Collector dissipationPC75*1mW
Ambient temperatureOperatingTopr−30 to 80ºC
StorageTstg−40 to 85ºC
Reflow solderingTsol220*3ºC
Manual solderingTsol300*3ºC
Note:1.Refer to the temperature rating chart if the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC.

2.Duty: 1/100; Pulse width: 0.1 ms

3.Complete soldering within 10 seconds for reflow soldering and within 3 seconds for manual soldering.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC)
EmitterForward voltageVF---1.11.3VIF = 4 mA
Reverse currentIR------10μAVR = 6V
Peak emission wavelengthλP---940---nmIF = 20 mA
DetectorLight currentIL100150360μAAluminum deposited surface,IF = 4 mA, VCE =2V, d = 1 mm *
Dark currentID------100nAVCE = 10, 0 x
Leakage currentILEAK------1μAIF = 4 mA,VCE = 2 V
Collector-Emitter saturated voltageVCE (sat)---------------
Peak spectral sensitivity wavelengthλP---900---nm---
Rising timetr---25---μsVCC = 2 V, RL = 1 kΩ,
Falling timetf---30---μsVCC = 2 V, RL = 1 kΩ,
Note:*The letter “d” indicates the distance between the top surface of the sensor and the sensing object.

Exterior Specifications
Connecting methodWeight (g)Material

(Unit: mm)


Recommended soldering patterns

Internal Circuit

Terminal No.Name

Unless otherwise specified, the tolerances are ±0.2 mm.

Precautions for Correct Use

  • Do not use the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings.
  • This product is for surface mounting. Refer to Soldering Information, Storage and Baking for details.
  • Dispose of this product as industrial waste.