Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Definition of "Personal Information"

By "personal information," OMRON refers to information by which an individual is or could be identified (including information that by itself cannot identify an individual but can easily be associated with other personally identifiable information). Such information could be in the form of written or printed text, symbols, images, sounds and data processed or stored in computers or other digital or electronic devices. Specifically, personal information includes, but is not limited to, names, ages, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, company names, hobbies, information regarding products or services purchased and details of inquiries to OMRON.

2. Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection

  1. OMRON collects, uses and provides personal information in an appropriate manner.
  2. OMRON implements strict security measures to prevent illegal access to and loss and/or leakage of personal information to third parties.
  3. OMRON strictly observes all applicable Japanese laws and internal regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
  4. OMRON strives to continuously improve its practices to protect personal information.

3. Name of Business Entity Handling Personal Information

OMRON Corporation

4. Usage of Personal Information

OMRON collects personal information to the extent necessary to provide its products and services. Whenever personal information is collected through direct input or through input using electromagnetic media, OMRON will notify you of the intended purpose for which the information is being collected.

Personal information collected through other means will only be used for business activities listed in (1) below and to the extent necessary for the purposes listed in (2). Purposes of use for personal information collected from shareholders are discussed in (3).

  1. OMRON's business fields
    • Planning, design, development, production, installation and servicing of equipment, devices and software products
    • Communications and information processing services
    • Information collection, analysis and provision on themes related to people, culture, lifestyles and health as well as management and operation of sports and cultural facilities
    • Advertising planning, production and agency services, as well as services related to staffing, recruiting, leasing, insurance, credit cards, freight, security, construction and real estate management
    • Sale of food, beverages and other goods
  2. Purposes of use
    • Provision of products or services by OMRON, its affiliates or other business partners (hereinafter referred to as "products, etc.") that customers have purchased or requested, and servicing and maintenance thereof
    • Provision of information and announcements regarding planning, design, development, production, sale and/or installation of products, etc. and provision of other product information
    • Management of contracts related to the provision of products, etc. and other business activities
    • Announcement and holding of campaigns, exhibitions and other events related to products, etc.
    • Provision and forwarding of promotional materials such as product literature, CD-ROMs and samples related to products, etc.
    • Questionnaires, research and analysis related to products, etc.
    • Maintenance of safety at OMRON sites
  3. Purposes of use for personal information collected from shareholders
    • Exercising OMRON's rights and fulfilling its obligations in conformance with applicable laws and ordinances
    • Implementing measures intended to strengthen shareholders' understanding of OMRON's business and to build stronger and better relationships between shareholders and OMRON
    • Standard data collection and statistical processing as allowed under the scope of the law.

OMRON will not use any personal information for purposes other than those listed above without the consent of the individual(s) concerned.

5. Shared Use of Personal Information

OMRON may share necessary items of the personal information supplied by an individual. such as names. mailing addresses. company names. images. and products and/or services the individual purchased with its affiliates. joint research partners. distributors. and other business partners to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes listed in section 4. above. OMRON will be responsible for management of such personal information.

6. Supply of Personal Information to Third Parties

OMRON will not supply or disclose personal information to any third party, except in the following cases:

  1. When OMRON is required to do so by a legal order.
  2. If such information is required for the protection of a person's life, body or property, and consent from the relevant individual cannot be readily obtained.
  3. If such information is required especially for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound nurturing of children, and consent from the relevant individual cannot be readily obtained.
  4. If it becomes necessary by legal ordinance to cooperate with a government agency, public authorities, or parties authorized by them, and there is concern that seeking the relevant individual's consent may hinder the execution of the relevant duties.
  5. If a task is subcontracted in whole or in part to a business partner for the purpose of facilitating the smooth flow of business. In such cases, an agreement concerning the handling of personal information and personal information security will be formed with the subcontractor. to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.
  6. Instances where the relevant individual has granted consent in advance.

7. Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information

OMRON will answer, within a reasonable time period, requests from individuals or parties acting on behalf of individuals for disclosure of and/or amendments, additions and/or deletions to the content of the personal information collected and/or used by OMRON, or suspension of use or erasure of the relevant information (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure requests, etc."). To make disclosure requests, etc., please follow the procedures described below:

If you are not a resident of Japan, please use the online contact form Contact Us noted in section 10 of this Privacy Policy.

  • If you are a resident of Japan, please follow the procedures described below.
  1. Applications for disclosure requests. etc.
    Applications for disclosure requests, etc. should be sent by post to the address noted in section 8 of this Privacy Policy. Please write "Disclosure Request enclosed" in red ink on the front of envelope.
  2. Documents and materials to be submitted for disclosure requests, etc.
    To make disclosure requests, etc., you must download and fill out the request form (a) and send it by post with the documents for identity verification (b) and a reply envelope (c) with your address written on it (the address should be the same as that written in the documents for identity verification). Please send these materials to the address noted in section 9 below. Please affix an 800-yen stamp to the reply envelope, as discussed in (c) below.
    • Request form
      • - Request form for personal information disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, erasure, etc.
      Download request form PDF<11kb>
    • Documents for identity verification
      (Requests submitted by applicant)
      1. Enclose one of the following documents when submitting a request form:
        1. - Personal Seal Registration Certificate ("inkanshomeisho"). Only necessary if the applicant's seal is affixed to the request form)
        2. - Copy of driver's license
        3. - Copy of passport
        4. - Copy of Alien Registration card
      2. Alternatively, both of the following may be submitted:
        1. - Copy of government-issued health insurance certificate or pension booklet ("nenkintecho"), and
        2. - Official copy of family register ("kosekitohon") or Certificate of Residence ("juminhyo")
      (Requests submitted by representatives)
      1. For contracted representatives
        One copy of each of the following documents must be enclosed in the same envelope.
        1. - Power of Attorney (should be stamped with the applicant's registered seal)
        2. - Personal Seal Registration Certificate ("inkanshomeisho") that contains the same stamp as the applicant's seal affixed on the Power of Attorney
        3. - Document(s) verifying the representative's identity (Same documents as those listed above for identity verification of the applicant)
      2. For legal representatives
        One copy of each of the following documents must be enclosed in the same envelope.
        1. - Document certifying the person's qualification as the representative of a minor or adult
        2. - Document(s) verifying the representative's identity (Same documents as those listed above for identity verification of the applicant)
      3. Reply envelope
        1. - Please write down the address of the applicant or representative (should be the same as that written on the document verifying the identity of the applicant or representative).
        2. - Please affix an 800-yen stamp on the reply envelope for registered mail. return receipt requested. if you are requesting the notice of intended purpose of usage or disclosure of personal information.
    • Response to disclosure requests. etc.
      • - A written response will be sent to you using the enclosed reply envelope.
    • Purpose of usage of personal information collected through procedures for disclosure requests. etc.
      • - Personal information collected in the process of handling disclosure requests. etc. will be used only to the extent necessary for responding to the disclosure requests. etc.

8. Inquiries

Disclosure requests may be sent to the following address:

OMRON Corporation
Corporate Communications Department

Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto 600-8530 Japan

Please use our online contact form Contact Us for other inquiries related to the handling of personal information.

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Last updated: March 31, 2008

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