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Product Technology Modules

On-Demand ~ 24/7 ~ Learning Tools

“We developed this self-guided technology module to be both a tool to assist design engineers in choosing an appropriate product, and a training tool for those tasked with selling the product.” ~ Donna Sandfox, Product Manager.

The Flash-based interface allows you to view the presentation straight through or easily navigate to an area of specific interest from the opening menu.  The multi-media module includes a number of video clips to help illustrate product features and applications.  Please take 10 minutes to view the module and learn about Omron's exciting and innovative technologies.

Additional Modules will be added, so please visit again!

Albert Einstein drawing: image credit: Chelsey Brislawn**

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Catalog #
MEMS Sensor Technology Module
Product Technology Module
10 MB
G9EN DC Power Relay Module
Product Line-up and Training Module - 2nd generation product line
3.5 MB

NOTE: Adobe Flash player is required to view the Product Technology modules referenced above. Please click here to get the download and install the latest Flash player from Adobe.

** Image credit: Chelsey N. Brislawn