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Omron Electronic Components' leading edge components for the GAMING Market:

Omron designs and manufactures a range of high quality, high performance components utilizing latest technologies for the Gaming Market; these include: operation switches, illumination technology, LED drivers, OKAO/Facial detection, custom power supplies, motion detection/hand gesturing, and detection switches. We contribute to the industry by offering technology and know-how that only Omron can provide and by combining comprehensive functionality and fast-response speed products.

7 Core TechnologiesWe rely on the wealth of technology and expertise obtained though all of the businesses the Omron group is involved in, such as factory automation, electronic components, automotive electrical devices, financial distribution systems, health care devices, etc. We will continue to respond to the individual needs of each customer in the Gaming industry. By combining all of the functions of our 7 core technologies with sales, development, production, quality assurance, and service, we are striving to contribute to a growing and more successful global gaming market.



Operation Switch Technology offers: High Reliability, High Durability & Long Life, Optimum Design, Illumination Quality

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Illuminated push button

Illuminated Push Button

  • Durability: 10M times
  • Various Colors of Operation part & LED
  • Experience in Japan Market
Illuminated 3 Push Button Unit

Illuminated 3 Push Button Unit

  • Easy Assembly
  • Durability: 10M times
  • Various Colors of Operation part & LED
  • Experience in Japan Market
Lever switch

Lever Switch

  • All Direction (360°)Operation
  • Durability: 10M times
  • Experience in Japan Market


  • Optical Simulation & Design Technology Optical design technology


  • High Precision Replication Technology Precision Replication Technology


  • Applications:
    • Corner Lamp
    • Indicator
    • Layered Illumination
    • See-through Messenger
    • Multi-color Illumination



Detects faces under various conditions by using OMRON's original object detection algorithm. This detection occurs amazingly fast and highly accurate.

  • Detection occurs for 360-degree in-plane rotation.
  • Partial occlusion can be handled by combining with face tracking.
  • Optimized for embedded environment.
  • Device independent and highly customizable.

Face Detection Application



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  1. Brightness Control Suits Human Site
  • Eyes are sensitive to dimmer, insensitive to brighter
  • By PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control
  1. Auto Dimming Control
  • Smooth and natural gradation
  • Command with target brightness and speed of fade

LED Control Driver

Download Datasheets HERE:

W2RF002RF - 24 Line Model

W2RF004RM - 9 Line Model



Recognizing Motion of Faces and People: this technology provides a modern and natural human interface to various devices by recognizing the position, shape and motion of a hand or finger.

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Press Release: “OMRON Develops Hand Gesture Recognition Technology”Description:

  1. A trigger motion is unnecessary by facial sensing technology. By combining gesture recognition with OMRON’s facial image sensing technology, a user's intention can be estimated by relationship between the position/direction of the face and the hand position. It is possible to realize more natural user interaction in various devices.

Trigger Motion

  1. Recognizes the motion and shape of the hand. Simple instructions usually used in most human interfaces such as “up,down,left, right” can be simply defined by a V-sign, 1-finger sign and other finger poses. The position of hand can be detected simultaneously.
    *More hand motions and shapes will be recognized in the future.

Recognizing Motion

  1. Recognition occurs in a wide distance range

Motion range

  1. Works on various devices such as Web cameras, built-in cameras and digital cameras.

Motion Cameras


Sealed and unsealed snap-action switches are available with a variety of ratings, actuators and termination options. Sealed versions are rated to IP67 and are suitable for use in "wet" environments. Unsealed are rated to a durable IP50.

Detection Switch group

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Download a copy of the Brochure HERE.

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